Building the bxSlider

This is a small section that describes the construction of the plugin, different tools used in the process, how this website was made, and what kind of beers I like.

Annoted source

First off - view a complete annoted source here. For learning purposes, I have included comments on almost every line. Hope you enjoy!

Slider building

Many tools and resources have gone into the coding of bxSlider v4.0. Obviously, Google is about as priceless a tool as you can have. However, good ol' fashioned pencil-and-paper scribblings helped formulate the math logic behind the slider functionality.

On the digital side of things: FIREBUG. Where would we be without this amazing tool? Dynamic DOM inspection done right. If you have not heard of Firebug, save yourself a million headaches and grab it (

Since this slider is completely responsive, I needed to use multiple mobile devices for testing. At my physical disposal I have an iTouch, an iPhone 3, an iPad4 and a Droid2. This got me through a lot of testing, but then I discovered the iOS Simulator provided by Apple's XCode SDK. It simulates an iPhone and iPad directly on your desktop. A note: this thing is not simply an "emulator". It actually contains the same programming used in the actual devices. So its 100% accurate. Very cool and very convenient.

Another great testing tool I use is VirtualBox with a Windows 7 install. Since I work exclusively on OS X, I need a way to test IE (sigh). I followed this great tutorial which describes a free, legal way to install Windows / IE in VirtualBox.

Finally, I have included two plugins in the bxSlider package. Shout outs to the following:

Site building

Regarding the building of this website, many exciting things have contributed to the process. Namely: Sinatra. The more I use Ruby and its frameworks (Sinatra, Rails), the more I love it. It truly makes web development fun and efficient. I know, I know - Ruby is all the rage these days. But give it a try!

The following tools have contributed to the building of this site (along with most other sites I build):

Nectar of the gods

Not to forget one of the most important aspects of web development and coding: delicious Belgian ales. Shout outs to La Trappe, Maredsous, Westmalle, Tripel Karmeliet, and Leffe (just to name a few). Salute!

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